Federal Street Consulting (FSC)

Federal Street Consulting (FSC) is an experienced Information Technology, Cyber-Security, and Program/Project Management services firm, which uses best practices, extensive real-world practical expertise, and innovation establishing a route to success as well as an understanding of the challenges customers’ experience. As a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), FSC recognizes the best attributes of military service, such as a strong work ethic, focus on quality and “getting it right the first time”. We strive to support our fellow Veterans, especially our service-disabled Veterans, through training and employment opportunities with FSC. Our support extends further through corporate support of Veteran charitable organizations including Liberation Family Services, Lonesome Dove Equestrian, and others. FSC is committed to providing industry-leading services to our customers by returning that success to support our Veterans.


IT Services

Helpdesk is a resource that is intended to provide the customer or end user with information and support related to the products and services in use. Helpdesk services include design, implementation, and management of nonexistent Helpdesk strategies as well as assumption of the management of existing Helpdesks.

Desktop Support includes first and second level technical support in relation to a customer’s computer hardware, printers, peripherals, software, telephony and mobile devices. Expanding on these capabilities; FSC also provides implementation, troubleshooting, repair, and upgrade services and first level training the user. Our technicians will assist and train users and provide technical support with an emphasis on quality to all users.

Server Support includes both hardware and software. Hardware support encompasses troubleshooting, diagnosis, and repair of warranty and non-warranty equipment; operating system (OS) upgrades and patching; account and permissions administration; services management; security; virus and intrusion management; and testing.

Network Administration and Support includes: network design; testing, configuration, and installation of network equipment such as routers and switches; installation and configuration of network-connected devices; and testing, configuration, and installation of network security devices such as firewalls and Virtual Private Network (VPN) devices.

Expanding on these capabilities FSC also provides implementation, troubleshooting, repair, upgrade services, and first level training. Our technicians will assist, train, and provide quality technical support for all users.

Advanced Cyber-Security

FSC has Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) in network security practices that include the full administration of firewalls, vulnerability identification and mitigation, and best practices for securing/hardening network systems. We provide technical oversight of security and systems administration to manage the execution of daily enterprise operations, while driving the identification, prioritization and fulfillment of new tasks/projects that provide value to the customer while increasing the performance, availability, supportability, and/or security of customer systems and services. FSC ensures oversight and direction of IT security policies and technical configurations are implemented in manner that best protects the customers’ services and data.

Program and Project Management Strategies

FSC believes in the need for Program Management to have high standards for developing, managing and growing organizational standards and portfolio management processes. From consulting and mentoring to actively managing programs, FSC is able to create a new or manage an existing PMO. Our Project Managers plan and manage your project to produce a unique product, service or result. We work with our clients to plan out and manage projects by delivering them in a more cost effective manner while not sacrificing quality. FSC provides our clients executive and senior level program and project-focused services.

For our customers who want additional excellent service from FSC, we support our core competencies with:


Training services to ensure our customers can receive in-house or web provided training if required. Our training services include the development of and/or presentation of existing material for individual or group instruction.


Design and development of internal procurement systems, vendor relationship management, and billing support.

Contracts Management

Services in the form of contracts review, identification and measurement of Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) ensuring compliance with contract standards, and bid/proposal development.


Federal Street Consultants are seasoned and successful IT program/project management professionals with a combined 30+ years of experience in spearheading multi-million-dollar solution/service initiatives, designing outstanding technical solutions, and leading superior technical and project teams to achieve consistent on-time/on-budget delivery. We have a demonstrated track record of aligning IT activities with business objectives, fulfilling SLA and business requirements, and impacting bottom-line performance as key decision-maker.

We have a proven track record of:

  • Building outstanding teams
  • Delivering P&L targets
  • Optimizing budgets
  • Satisfied customer relationships
  • Designing and developing of efficient, cost-effective processes
  • Increasing Return on Investment (ROI) and profitability

We have diverse work experiences at Federal, State and Commercial markets:

  • Department of Veterans Affairs (Federal)
  • Immigration and Customs Enforcement (Federal)
  • Virginia Information Technology Agency (State of Virginia)
  • Department of Rehabilitative Services (State of Virginia)
  • Department of Agriculture (State of Virginia)
  • Northrop Grumman

Government Contracting Codes

FSC is pursuing business opportunities under the following Federal and Commonwealth of Virginia contracting codes:

Federal NAICS codes
541511 – Computer Programming
541512 – Computer Design
541513 – Computer Facilities Management
541519 – Other Computer
541611 – Administrative Management and General Management Consulting Services
541613 – Marketing Consultant
541618 – Other Management Consulting Services
541620 – Environmental Consulting services
541690 – Other Technical
541990 – Project Technical Services
561990 – All Other Support
611420 – Computer Training
eVA NGIP codes (Commonwealth of Virginia)
91800 – Consulting Services
91806 – Administrative Consulting
91820 – Business Consulting, Small
91828 – Computer Hardware Consulting
91829 – Computer Software Consulting
91830 – Computer Network Consulting
91832 – Consulting Services (Not Otherwise Classified)
91838 – Education and Training Consulting
91858 – Governmental Consulting
91871 – IT Consulting
95800 – Management Services

About FSC

FSC is proud of its roots as a Service Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) and is Veterans Affairs Center for Veterans Enterprise (CVE) certified as well as a Virginia designated Small, Women-owned, and Minority-owned (SWaM) business focused on serving the comprehensive needs of our customers. Providing Service Disabled Veterans, Veterans and Skilled Professionals to Federal, State, Local Agencies, Educational Institutions and Commercial companies who are searching for outstanding service provided by individuals with strong character, values and an excellent work ethic is our goal. FSC wants to serve as a trusted partner through the delivery of IT services, Cyber Security, Program/Project Management, and Training to improve the quality, delivery and efficiency of our clients systems.  Our experiences provide an understanding of the routes to success as well as the challenges that may arise. The strategy for our service offerings is to provide skilled professionals with the capabilities to understand the client’s needs and are able to design and implement an efficient, cost-effective solution.

FSC works hand in hand with the customer to ensure best practice solutions in a highly competitive market.  Moreover, at FSC we possess highly skilled candidates for our clients, projects, and positions.  Each member of our team couples “outside the box” thinking and experience, dedication, and discipline to incorporate innovative solutions maximizing our client’s resources and overall success. Our experiences in both the public and private sectors create an opportunity for us to provide efficient, cost effective, and timely solutions that exceed the needs and expectations of our customers.

Our Vision and Values

Federal Street Consulting strives to be the premier technical and management consulting firm by providing quality deliverables, within budget, while consistently focusing on presenting service disabled Veterans, Veterans and professional employment opportunities.

To simplify what we believe: our vision, and values can be seen every day in the caliber and commitment of the people we employ, in the quality and integrity of our business partnerships, and in the standards of excellence we demand of ourselves.


Our company’s vision is that we can “change the world” for our customer.

For our Veterans: We believe that through their military service, our Veterans have learned essential skills that many civilians in the business world may have difficulty translating into their business model. Service members learn marketable skills such as problem solving, critical thinking, project management, prioritization, logistics, and communications, in high stress, demanding environments with great success. These skills are taught to all ranks to enable completion of vital missions in spite of the absence of leadership in some of the most inhospitable and hostile environments in the world.

Unfortunately as a result of their assignments, some of our service men and women are wounded. Once physically rehabilitated, some of them face further challenges finding a suitable place of employment. As a SDVOSB we understand the unique, and often overlooked, capabilities that our service members have to offer and plan to capitalize on those skills.

For our Skilled Professionals: We strive to employ skilled professionals with the education, experience and capabilities to support the needs of our customers and who exemplify our core values. FSC provides a pathway to professional growth whenever possible promoting from within whenever possible providing training opportunities, and open communications for employees to share innovative ideas and improvements. All FSC employees are able to contribute to their own growth and success as well as that of the company.

Core Values: VETS

Value – We strive to provide the highest value for our customers and consultants
Ethics – We act with fairness, accountability, and responsibility in all our actions.
Trust – Trust is built on mutual respect and consideration.
Service – Service is two-fold. We strive to understand the needs and requirements of our customers while focusing on exceeding expectations. We also believe in service to others by being focused on community improvements.


Photo of Mark CasperAs the CEO, Mark Casper leads Federal Street Consulting with accountability, honesty, discipline, teamwork, and leadership. These values were cultivated during his childhood as the son of a Korean War Veteran, reinforced by his schooling and military training while in the United States Marine Corps. Mark is a seasoned and successful IT Program/Project Management professional with 15+ years of experience in spearheading multi-million-dollar solution/service initiatives, designing outstanding technical solutions, and leading superior technical and project teams to achieve consistent on-time/on-budget delivery. He has a demonstrated track record of aligning IT activities with business objectives, fulfilling SLA and business requirements, and impacting bottom-line performance as key decision-maker. Mark is adept at delivering P&L targets and optimizing budgets, building outstanding teams. He is especially successful with creating and ensuring longstanding customer relationships

CEO’s personal vision:

As the CEO of Federal Street Consulting, my personal vision is to be a shining beacon to the workplace by providing and expanding job opportunities to service-disabled Veterans and Veterans in the 21st century.

CEO’s personal mission:

We are a company believing that Veterans are prepared to serve their country in a different way once they leave military service, and my mission is to provide opportunities for Veterans who have learned valuable skills in service to our country.

It would be easy for FSC to “check a box” on a proposal for vets, disabled vets, SWaM, etc. but FSC is more than a classification or label. Those labels do not define who/what we are. We are much deeper and have much more to offer than a label. We are a company that believes in rebuilding pride, confidence, talent, and the willingness to succeed in someone who may no longer feel capable or they may even feel defeated. We believe that self-worth comes from within and only needs the opportunity to shine; that sometimes a guiding hand  is needed from those of us who can guide. We believe in lifting up those that have been knocked down, not only showing them how to walk again but to run, to be more than they were before; in spite of their situation. We believe that ripple effect will be life changing for the individual and those around them.

America knows that today’s Veterans are highly skilled, well educated, easily trained, and willing to work hard. Our Veterans know what it means to be loyal, to dedicate themselves to a purpose and know exactly what teamwork is. They have a safety-conscious mentality, and have honed their leadership skills through experiences in a world that values leadership and teamwork.

Community Outreach

FSC supports two Veteran-centric Service Organizations

Lonesome Dove Equestrian

FSC volunteers time at the Lonesome Dove Equestrian Center (LDEQ) in Powhatan, Virginia. LDEQ provides year-round therapeutic horseback riding exclusively for Veterans with special needs and disabilities. Focusing on Veterans in Central Virginia, the goal of this program is to improve the quality of life for the participants through activities that are positive to their cognitive, physical, emotional and social well-being.

Please visit http://ldequestrian.com/ for more information and to make a donation for this worthy cause.

Liberation Family Services

Liberation Family Services (LFS) currently provides transitional and rapid-rehousing assistance single adult males. LFS’s primary goal is permanent housing and self-sufficiency. There is capacity for up to 38 individuals in the program.

Mark Casper serves on the Advisory Board as the Marketing Director.

Please visit http://lfsrichmond.com/ for more information and to make a donation for this worthy cause.

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